The Ultimate Sofa Design Guide


Finding the perfect sofa for your home just got a whole lot easier!

Differentiating one sofa design from another can be a difficult task. In fact, furniture details play a significant role in creating a space that is cohesive and tells a story. Ideally, you want furniture that complements one another. As a result, digging through the details and understanding subtle differences in sofas can help you find the perfect sofa for you to enjoy. Here is your handy guide to buying your next sofa!

Sofa Style #1: Chesterfield

The Chesterfield is your classic sofa. It’s the one that millions and millions of homeowners own but don’t even know it. Typically, Chesterfield sofas have deep button-tufting and high rolled arms. Imagine your grandparent’s sofa; it’s most likely a Chesterfield. These traditional sofas are generally in homes that are looking for a very dramatic silhouette. The sofa arms usually reach the height of the backseat. These days, you will find Chesterfield sofas in a wide array of materials and colors, making it a fantastic fit for a variety of spaces. In fact, smaller versions are available for smaller areas that still want a dramatic and bold look.

Sofa Style #2: English Roll Arm

If a couch features a high back with flat, rounded arms, you are most likely looking at an English arm roll sofa. In fact, most English roll arm sofas will feature loose seat cushions that are attached to the back, a standard sofa design that can is in a variety of colors and fabrics. Ideally, homeowners want to use this type of sofa in a relaxed, contemporary space. Due it’s it’s inviting nature; it’s ideal for someone who loves to entertain.

Sofa Style #3: Lawson

Similar to the English roll arm, a Lawson sofa comes designed with arms that are ideal for napping. Typically, the arms will feature round designs, but that is not always the case. Regardless of the arm style, a Lawson sofa is distinguished by it’s super cozy and comfy feel. Perfect for any casual space, including a living room with a relaxed vibe or a family room that embraces comfort.

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