Top Tips For Dorm Room And Apartment Decorating


Finding the perfect furniture for your small space is easier than you think!

While the prospect of moving into your first dorm or apartment may seem daunting, it can also present you with an opportunity to get creative. You’ll get to experiment with color and style, without having to make any significant financial investments or long-term commitments.  Even if you don’t live in the most appealing of dorm rooms or apartments, it can still look so much better with a few necessary craft supplies. Don’t worry if you’ve already spent your summer money on clothes, shoes, and textbooks- check out these inexpensive and colorful DIYs that are bound to transform your dorm rooms and apartments into a space that feels like home.

Make The Most Out Of Your Space

  • Extra Comfort: Curtains and rugs provide instant coziness, and are an easy way to add colors and patterns to a semi-decorated space, such as a dorm room or apartment.
  • Make Your Room Seem Larger: All it takes is a well-placed mirror to alter a room completely. Conversely, a series of smaller mirrors can make instantly transform a tiny room into a spacious space. In fact, it can be tons of fun to hunt around for antique mirrors at yard sales and flea markets, where you might just find yourself a bargain.
  • A Quick Paint Job: A coat of bright paint on a single wall can make the entire apartment feel brand-new. Remember, you’ll have to return the space to its original look when you leave, so that’s something to keep in mind before applying.

Mix And Match Your Furniture

Take a stock list of all your furnishings and try moving the smaller items to unexpected places. Consider bringing your bedside lamp into the kitchen for a much more inviting ambiance. Grab all of your random tchotchkes and put them in a pile.  Then redistribute them. You’ll be shocked at how different they immediately look once you’ve moved them to an entirely different location. Sometimes, grouping items by color will help to achieve a more unified look. Although it sounds daunting, it is entirely possible to improve your apartment without forking over a lot of cash. You just have to be resourceful. Think outside the box a bit, and you’ll be able to create an inviting space for you to hang out with your friends.

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