Invest in Durable, Quality Products for Lifetime with Oak Tree Furniture

Invest in Durable, Quality Products for Lifetime with Oak Tree Furniture

Here at Oak Tree we carry products that if cared for properly should last a lifetime – in your home or someone else’s home, and not a landfill.

In talking with customers on the floor we have more people asking for products made with “green” or natural products with their concern being on the environment, which is great. We live in a world that is becoming more and more centered around living for the moment and instant satisfaction regardless of the cost. As foolish as it may sound, we are not stopping to think about the long-term consequences of our everyday actions. In thinking about the start of our day, the products that we use and purchase are sometimes some of the least sustainable, from plastic straws to plastic cups and lids, and plastic coffee stirs. All of these products believe usually used once and then thrown on to the trash pile to lay around possible forever, and these items are added by the billions daily throughout our world.

Taking Steps Towards Sustainability

One example of our convenience-based waste is the new coffee fad in which we now use tiny plastic individual containers to make a single cup of coffee. While these are convenient and popular, they are not always the most sustainable option. A more eco-friendly practice would be to instead make coffee in a paper filter with grounds using a reusable container. This is not to single out the coffee or beverage industries as being the least sustainable, as this example is only one of the many items that we now use only for convenience or instant gratification. Unfortunately, this is just a small piece of the pie that is destroying our world.

Ready to Reuse and Recycle

One especially alarming thought is the floating trash island in the ocean that is said to be the size of Texas, and that’s just one that we know of now. Even more alarming are all of the other landfills and ocean dumps holding things that could have been easily recycled years ago. We hear about recycling and different types of trash disposal, but if we look at it before it gets to that point if we can greatly reduce that amount by the billions and make an impact on reducing waste. We are all guilty of throwing too much away, but the first step towards helping to alleviate this issue is to take small steps towards more sustainable practices.

Upcycle and Invest in Quality Furniture

In my industry, I sadly hear more often now people say, ‘if it lasts a couple of years that will be okay, I’ll be tired of it then anyway’ or ‘I’ll throw it out and get something different soon.’ Although I understand that thought, it is important to consider where this furniture goes once you throw it out. More than likely, part of it will be here forever, along with all the other waste that was disposed of in our lives.

Here at Oak Tree, we carry products that if cared for properly should last a lifetime – in your home or someone else’s home, and not a landfill. We understand people get tired of looking at the same old things in their homes, but if your furniture functions well, consider painting it, changing the hardware,  or selling it to someone else who wants or needs it in their home. This is a great practice, not only with furniture but for everything that we use. If we are going to live sustainably, it is important to get back to basics and reuse items that are still quality and can serve a purpose. If we continue to trash the world with throwaway products, eventually we may not be able to fix it.

With that being said of disposable items, we are having our spring clearance sale of long-lasting furniture floor models that have been marked down up to 65% off list plus get another 10% off plus an additional discount equal to your sales tax, going on now!

Trust the Experts at Oak Tree Furniture with all of Your Home Furnishing Needs!

Whether you are looking for the set of chairs or looking to furnish your entire home, look no further than Oak Tree Furniture for all your home furnishing needs. With over 40 years of experience in serving Maryland with customized upholstery and finishes, Oak Tree Furniture is the place to find the perfect furniture pieces for your lifestyle. If you are interested in learning more or setting up an in-house design consultation, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for monthly furniture tips from Joe, “The Furniture Guy” of Oak Tree Furniture. For additional information, contact us today and let us know how we can best serve you as you furnish your dream home! Be sure to also like us on Facebook and check us out all over the web!


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