How To Shop For A Dresser


A simple guide to help you find the perfect dresser.

Dressers can be a focal point in your room and are a really important part of any bedroom. Shopping for a dresser can be  stressful and can be a long process. Considering design, construction and quality are all important aspects to picking furniture. Here are some tips on how to find the perfect dresser.

If You Are Looking For Lower Cost

Pine and oak dressers are great quality. In fact, these dressers are commonly affordable. Most hardware manufacturers will offer more affordable prices for drawer pulls. Finishes on moderately priced dressers typically have a sprayed-on finish with lacquer. As far as drawer glides are concerned, for moderately cost dressers most glides are made of metal. If you are looking for low cost and good quality, pay attention to the inside of drawers, the joints at the front and back should be dovetail, nails and glue are not as strong and indicate lower quality.

If Your Are Looking For High Quality

The highest quality in dressers will also be the highest cost but they can add security and durability to your home. More expensive dressers often offer more drawer space than others of the same size if you are looking for more space then you may be looking at a higher cost. Custom designed hardware, as opposed to hardware manufacturers, can cost more but create a more stylized look in your home. Keep a look out for drawers that are smaller at the top and bigger at the bottom these indicate higher quality furniture. If you are seeking a more interesting look outwardly consider mahogany or cherry dressers, these come with a higher price tag but can be better quality.

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