Home Decorating Tips For New Homeowners

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New homeowners can use all the decorating tips they can get!

First-time homeowners spend so much time worrying about mortgage approvals, legal fees, valuations, and deposits that when all the contracts have been signed and counter-signed, all they want to do is collapse on the couch in their brand-new home and raise a glass to have the whole tense, draining process over. But the chances are that a three-seater sofa with fully plumped up, color coordinated cushions won’t be waiting to give them some respite. Instead, many will make do with sitting on cardboard boxes, drinking out of paper cups and staring at a floor-level television for a few weeks before they summon up the energy for round two, furniture.

Finding Furniture For Less

There are plenty of places you can find furniture that won’t blow the budget. Why not ask friends and family? Many people have a loft or garage full of old furniture that they don’t want anymore, and are happily willing to part with it! It might not be to your taste, but a lick of paint can totally transform a battered old wardrobe and a nice throw can disguise even the most dubiously patterned armchairs. If anyone you know is planning to redecorate a room, ask if you can buy any bits they decide they’re not going to use. Ikea is great for flat pack basics that don’t cost a fortune, though if you don’t want your property to look the same as everyone else’s, you can transform your furniture into unique pieces with a pot of chalk paint, decoupage, stencils, or new fabric covers.

Importance Of Color

Let’s say you have a sofa that has only one thing in common with the furniture in the rest of your living room: a tiny bit of the color in the fabric is the same as the less dominant color in the rest of the room’s upholstery. Solution? Play up that similarity and make it your living room’s unifying wall color. If that’s too much hard labor for you, find curtains, rugs or accessories in this common hue and see how the pieces begin to complement each other. Turning any room into a cohesive masterpiece can be very simple when you’re following the principle of repetition.

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