Dress Up Your Dining Room for Spring

Now that your holiday decorations are put away, you can jump into the many fun design options for the warmer months approaching in spring.

Although it still feels like winter outside, it is never too early to start decorating and preparing your dining room for spring! Now that your holiday decorations are put away, you can jump into the many fun design options for the warmer months approaching in spring. Consider one of these excellent dining room design options.

Start With White

White makes for a great base for the bright colors of spring, and with this, you may want to consider planning your dining room around classic white basics. Use crisp white walls and white tablecloths layered by fun accent colors. A bright and cheerful centerpiece of flowers and colorful dishes on the table will have everyone looking forward to spring and the fresh, new feelings that it brings.


Spring is all about growth and new flowers springing from the ground, so you should incorporate florals throughout your dining room design. If you are feeling bold, purchase upholstered chairs with a gorgeous floral fabric. Want something a little less permanent? Create a centerpiece of wonderful spring flowers and purchase floral napkin rings and placemats. You will instantly feel the renewing sense of spring without breaking the bank!

Let the Sunshine In

The winter months are famous for their lack of sunlight, so spring is the time of year when you should throw open your curtains and let the sun shine through. Change your winter curtains to lighter, airy curtains and make sure that you clean any windows in the space. The bright light of the sun will put a smile on everyone’s face and beautifully illuminate the other decor choices you made. If you are getting started early in the season, make sure that you add more lighting options to mimic the extra sunlight you’ll be missing. With spring in the air, you won’t be missing it for long!

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