Creative Guest Bedroom Design Ideas

guest bedroom

Creating a cozy and comfy guest bedroom is easier than you think.

Your guest bedroom doesn’t just serve as a place for your guests to sleep, it should also work as an extension of how much you care about your friends and relatives visiting from out of town. As creative as you’ve been with the design of the rest of your home, you can bring that energy and inspiration into this room as well, with your color, furniture, and layout decisions. Give your guests a few wow-factors with these creative guest bedroom ideas.  

All About The Bed

When it comes to bedrooms, the bed is usually the focal point of the room. This means that the size of the bed should fit well with the size of the room. If you’re working with a smaller guest bedroom, a king would probably take up most of the space in the bedroom. On the other hand, you want your guests to be completely comfortable when they sleep. Queens are usually the perfect size for many different rooms, but daybeds also provide incredible versatility. Invest in quality bedding and pillows, and choose collections that complement the rest of the colors in the room.

Add Enough Storage

When people are traveling, it adds to their comfort when they can store and organize their clothing and toiletries in a transparent way. Making sure that the closet is equipped with enough hangers is the first step, and including a dresser or chest would also be useful. Show your creativity by adding decorative wall hooks that are also functional for storing small items like keys or hats. Extend the theme of the space into the accessories and features you choose for storage.

Style And Function

Choosing a specific theme or color scheme to work within the guest bedroom will tell your friends and relatives that you didn’t just find a room for them to sleep in; you took the time and care into designing a space that would make them feel comfortable and welcome. If the space permits, include a seating area where your guests can enjoy coffee and the paper. Have sufficient lighting, bottles of water, and even an alarm clock to help them stay on schedule.

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