Common Decorating Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

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Decorating your home can be overwhelming for a beginner.

Whether you’ve been a homeowner for 20 years or are just preparing to move into your first home, there are many furniture specific decorating mistakes you can make when setting up any space. While not all of these are immediately apparent, over time these home décor mistakes can turn into a real disaster. Here are just some of the common home décor mistakes and how to avoid them.  

Not Enough Lighting

Many homes don’t have many light fixtures already installed, which means it’s up to you to install more on your own. Instead of a ceiling fan, use an elegant pendant light. Instead of just overhead lighting, integrate task lighting into any space so that it remains nicely lit when the sun sets. If you find yourself squinting to see in the kitchen or dining room after dark (or when it’s light out!), it’s a sign that you need brighter lights.

Rugs That Aren’t Long Enough

Rugs are expensive home décor pieces, and many people try to take the cheaper way out by purchasing too-small rugs. While they might not look silly right away, once furniture pieces are staged in the room it will become apparent that the rug is too small. If you have a small rug that you can’t imagine parting with, layer it over top of a larger, flat rug for a textured effect.

The Wrong Room Layout

This home décor and furniture mistake can happen to anyone. If you measure the room without paying attention and end up with furniture that only fits in a certain direction, your room layout could end up looking quite strange. Use painter’s tape when measuring rooms to mark off where every large piece of furniture will sit. It’s easier to do this extra step before making your furniture purchase than hauling a couch back to the furniture store.

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