Coffee Table Decorating Ideas

coffee table

Coffee tables are often the focal point in every living room!

Alright, we know that the coffee table in your living room isn’t the most exciting piece of furniture in your home. It endures a lot of use and abuse, from endless rings from coffee cups not placed on coasters to months-old magazines littering its surface. If you want to finally start giving your coffee table a little extra love, here are some of our favorite coffee table decorating ideas.  

Use The Rule Of Three

The rule of three is a standard interior design rule that you can use to improve other pieces of furniture as well. People find odd-numbered groupings to be most attractive, and the number 3 is one of the most appealing. When you are looking at your coffee table, mentally divide it into three sections. When decorating your coffee table, place evenly-spaced décor in each of the three sections. Another easy way to use the rule of three is by putting three decorative objects on the table so that it appeared even and balanced, even with an odd number.

Use A Coffee Table Tray

Some coffee tables look messy and disorganized with three things on top of them. If you have a smaller coffee table or have difficulty keeping things in one place (thanks to pets or kids), using a coffee table tray can easily keep things together. A tray is also a comfortable décor place that you can use somewhere else in your home once you have moved to a new way of arranging your coffee table.

Use Beautiful Boxes

Decorative boxes and canisters don’t just need to stick to the kitchen! These boxes or cans are an excellent way to hide clutter and keep an orderly-looking coffee table. If you need to keep a variety of small items near your coffee table at all times, like remotes, tech accessories, or even small journals, a beautiful box is the best way to get the job done.

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