Coastal Living Furniture And Design Ideas


Finding the perfect furniture to create a coastal escape is easier than you think!

Summer means breezy afternoons on the porch and trips to the beach to soak up the sun. If you hate leaving the beach and wish that you could give your home a fresh breath of ocean air, coastal living furniture and design is perfect for you. What do coastal living furniture and design look like and how can you integrate it into your home? Read on!

A Little Wear And Tear

Weathered surfaces are a major aspect of coastal living furniture and design. Whether you choose whitewashed furniture made to look like driftwood or weathered flooring to match, coastal living furniture should feel relaxed and easy on the eyes. Instead of sharp and polished modern surfaces, choose items with a little bit of wear and tear to match the coastal feel.

Mix Sea And Sand

Two of the most common substances found in actual coastal areas are sea and sand. These two colors are incredibly common throughout coastal living furniture and design thanks to their beauty and simplicity. Incorporate tones like soft muted tans and beiges to remind you of the golden white sands of the beach. Use splashes of deep ocean blue or muted soft blue to remind you of the sparkling water and your home will become an oasis in no time at all.

It’s Easy Being Green

Is blue not your cup of tea? Seafoam green, as you could guess from the name, is also perfect for coastal living furniture and design. Seafoam greens are readily available in fabrics, curtains, furniture items, and more to decorate your room. This color is easy on the eyes and very relaxing, so it’s perfect for your beach retreat.

Keep It Fresh

When shopping for design ideas for your accessories, look for unique items made from sea glass. This natural decorating element looks right at home in a coastal living room and it can be used to house everything from lights to sea shells.

Coastal Living Furniture And Design For Your Home From Oak Tree Furniture

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