Choosing A Mattress For House Guests You Actually Like

mattress house guests

Creating a comfortable environment for house guests is essential.

How much time did you end up spend selecting the perfect mattress for your master bedroom? Chances are, you took the time to go to a mattress showroom, read reviews of your favorite mattresses online, and talk with an expert before making the purchase. Now, be honest, how much time did you spend choosing a mattress for your guest bedroom? Unfortunately, for most people, the answer is only a few minutes. If you want your house guests to feel welcome in your home, a little bit of effort goes a long way. Here are some tips for finding a mattress and guest bedroom furniture for house guests that you actually like.

Who Are Your Guests?

First, take the time to think about the guests who frequently visit your home. Are they older family members or younger friends? Your guest room furniture and mattress should be planned around those core guests. If you have some space and money to invest in your guest room, consider purchasing two twin beds and a mattress connector so that you can provide guests with either two twin beds or a single king. If your guests have mobility issues or need a greater amount of space to maneuver, also take those things into account.

Think Like Goldilocks

The best way to choose a mattress for house guests you actually like is by thinking like Goldilocks. It should be not too firm, not too soft, but a happy medium between the two. A recent survey of hotel guests indicated that over 50% of respondents preferred a medium mattress, so that is always a safe choice.

Don’t Forget Your Family

Sometimes guest rooms turn into sleepover central if you have young children, so also take into account what your family likes in a mattress. Your guest room mattress can come in handy as kids grow older as well (or as you add to your family). Choosing the right guest room furniture and mattress don’t need to be hard when you work with Oak Tree Furniture.

Choose The Right Mattress From Oak Tree Furniture

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