How To Add Mid-Century Modern Without Going Mad Men


Design a space that works for you.

Mid-century modern is a style that many people see as dated, although it can still be quite charming if incorporated into your home properly. The typical designs of the era, as seen in television’s award-winning show Mad Men, is a perfect complement to today’s latest furniture trend—minimalism. Mid-century modern furniture is well-loved for its sleek lines, streamlined pieces, and minimalist colors. If you want to start incorporating mid-century modern furniture pieces, here are some of our best tips to do so without appearing dated.

Experiment with Your Legs

One of the hallmarks of mid-century modern furniture style is a tapered leg. Tapered legs can be used on chairs, dressers or coffee tables to add a stylish twist and some additional retro flair. Rounded legs help to life furniture slightly off the ground, which creates the illusion of more space in the room. This makes mid-century modern furniture ideal for minimalist design.

Keep Things Tidy

Another reason why mid-century modern furniture matches with a minimalist design so well are that it doesn’t allow for much clutter. Instead of being designed for storage or accommodating a lot of things, mid-century modern furniture is focused on providing visually-appealing clean lines instead.

Use Bold Lighting

The mid-century modern design was created when the space race was occurring, so a lot of designs had an emphasis on the future. The Sputnik ceiling light is a trademark of mid-century modern décor, and investing in a bold lighting piece like this can add lots of interest to your room. When incorporating bold lighting, make sure that it does not clash with any of your other furniture or design elements. A bold lighting choice calls for particularly minimalist other options.

Mid-Century Modern Furniture from Oak Tree Furniture

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