4 Home Furnishing Trends You Need To Try

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Consider these home furnishing trends the next time you go furniture shopping!

Home furnishing trends continue to evolve. We’ve seen the minimalism trend blossom but recently it seems to have fallen out of favor with many interior designers. With so much content being thrown our way in terms of creating a trendy interior, it is hard to distinguish fact from fiction. Here are some of the more trendy home furnishing aesthetics that are popular and easy to shop for.

Boho Chic

Many people these days are looking to create a space in their home that is devoid of any technology. As a result, the boho trend was born, The boho trend encourages people to mix bold colors and patterns together to create a super eclectic vibe.

Abstract Florals

Florals used to only be associated with grandma’s tacky furniture. That is no longer the case. Abstract florals don’t look like your average floral upholstery of the past. This new and reimagined graphic has made its way into many homes with the help of interior designers who are up on their furniture trends. Now, a loveseat upholstered in florals is no longer something that needs to be relegated to the basement or thrown away.

Intricate Metals

These days it is easy to find home furnishings that showcase intricate metals in their designs. In fact, this trend has risen in popularity as of late due the artisan look that the metals evoke. With many people leaning towards bringing what was once in fashion back, intricate metals play upon this theme. Now, more than ever, home furnishings are focusing on the craftsmanship and details within every single piece.

Luxury Dining

Did you know that family gatherings are making a comeback? Homeowners are looking for more formal family dining room furniture to create a nostalgic look and feel to their homes. Consider choosing furniture that is expertly upholstered, made of the finest wood, and features metallic details for the most luxurious dining room effect.

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