3 Tricks to Take your Coffee Table to the Next Level

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Incorporate multiple colors into a single cohesive design with an object that ties them all together, such as a colorful centerpiece or book cover.

A small but mighty piece of furniture, the coffee table is the keystone of every design element in your living room. Holding everything from books to houseplants, these little guys are a staple to your decor vision, even if they’re only sitting in the corner. If you’re making any updates to your living room for the new year, consider these three easy tricks for a fresh look.

Play with Color and Height to Showcase Decor

Don’t limit the content of your coffee table to a single color, texture, or height. Instead, feel free to mix a variety of decorative objects together in order to add depth and variation to the space. Adding a few taller candles or placing objects over stacked books is a great way to experiment with height and style in your design. You could also try to incorporate multiple colors into a single cohesive design with an object that ties them all together, such as a colorful centerpiece or book cover.

Incorporate Meaningful Objects

Like anything else in your home, the collection of objects on your coffee table should be a reflection of your unique personality and style. If there are certain objects that are especially meaningful to you, why not showcase them in the heart of your living room? Consider adding a special object such as your favorite book or a framed picture of a great memory. These items will instantly incorporate your identity to your home decor making you and your guests feel right at home.

Center your Design

One technique of coffee table decor is centering your design around a particular object or collection of objects in the space. If you want to frame the display of these accessories around the colors of your design, try centering a vase of flowers in the middle of smaller objects. This part of your design will easily become a beautiful focal point of the room. Plants are especially nice accessories to a coffee table centerpiece because they are rich in color and vary in textures.


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