3 Things To Do To Spruce Up Your Living Room

living room

Create a living room that the whole family can enjoy.

The living room is the space where most people actually live in (hence the name). But sometimes, after awhile, it can get a little dull and boring. Instead, there are some straightforward and simple ways you can spruce up your living room and actually enjoy spending time there. Here are some creative things you can do right now to make your living room go from drab to fab in no time.

Put All Your Memories On Display

This affordable option doesn’t require that you purchase much. Gallery walls are not just trendy interior design elements. In fact, gallery walls are an excellent way to make your living room feel like it’s your own. Adorning your space with family photos and knick-knacks is a great way to infuse some of your own personality into your space. What you really want to be mindful of is that you are choosing frames that have the same color scheme. This allows for a cohesive gallery wall instead of something that could be borderline tacky.

Choose Furniture With A Nail-Head Trim

Getting bored with boring furniture is natural. So when you want to add some life to your furniture, consider opting for styles that have a nail-head or other type of trim. This is a great way to diversify your furniture options.

Create Some Drama

This goes with furniture or decor. While dark gray paint may feel oppressive, it can actually be a lovely neutral shade that allows you to go big with your furniture choices. For instance, if you have a fireplace in your living room, you’ll want to make it your focal point. Therefore, opting for more subdued hues when it comes to furniture is the best and optimal way to really showcase a fun living room feature in your home.

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