3 Easy Ways to Dress up Your Kitchen Island

Most kitchen islands are neutral in color and stone, serving more as functional objects than decorative pieces of interior design.

Your kitchen island is the centerpiece of your kitchen. It is the place where everyone gathers while you cook, entertain, and enjoy breakfast in the morning. Although your kitchen island may already be a beautiful piece within your space, why not dress it up for special occasions or everyday design? Consider these three easy ways to bring the beautiful focal point of your kitchen to life.

Incorporate an Arrangement of Centerpieces

Most kitchen islands are neutral in color and stone, serving more as  functional objects than decorative pieces of interior design. When you’re not using your island directly to entertain guests or prepare a meal, why not use it to frame colorful decorations or flower arrangements that will instantly bring color and life to the room. Liven up your kitchen with vases and containers on your island that incorporate a variety of sunny hues and  enhance the look of your island when it is on display.

Let Baskets Do the Work

If you’re a lover of small accessories for decorating your home, consider dressing up your island with stylish farmhouse baskets to hold a collection of your smaller design pieces or everyday objects. The right woven basket will not only combine colors and textures together into one cohesive design, but it will also add warmth and variety to an otherwise empty space on your island counter. Experiment with baskets of various colors and sizes to add depth to your display, and for extra flare in your design, consider using a darker or lighter baskets to build contrast against a neutral stone or cabinet stain.

Build Design with a Bowl

Unlike baskets, bowls can provide a modern and polished look as a kitchen accessory. With this in mind, it only seems fitting to use one as a decoration in your cooking and dining space. Unexpected textures like a stone bowl can add experimental textures and a touch of personal style to your kitchen. If you love a modern look in your home, bring a simple bowl to life on your island by filling it with colorful, seasonal fruits, candies, or smaller decorative pieces that will showcase your style and welcome guests as they enjoy the space.


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