3 Easy Ways To Create A Master Retreat In Your Bedroom


Creating a sanctuary in your bedroom is possible!

Whether you just moved in with the love of your life or have been living together for a while now, there is always a way to transform your bedroom into a sanctuary that both of you love. We all know that even couples with shared interests can vary in what they need their bedroom to be. The function is just as important as design. So how can two people work together to create a harmonious master bedroom? Here are just some helpful tips for decorating your master retreat without a riot ensuing.

Choose A Color Scheme Together

Compromise is key to any relationship. Even if you are both on completely opposite ends of the spectrum, your two favorite colors could end up being extremely complementary with one another. The trick here is to use both hues sparingly. Instead of painting all four walls a bright, standout color, just choose one wall to be the focal point of the room. Then, you can bring in complementary colors with the decor like your bedding or artwork.

Blending Furniture Styles Is All The Rage

Sometimes you will both agree on furniture styles, and that’s wonderful. However, there will be times when you and your love will disagree about the furniture styles you want to be featured in your master bedroom. One of you loves mid-century modern while the other is all about contemporary. Whatever your situation may be, combining both styles can help to make your bedroom eclectic. And these days, eclectic furniture is a huge trend.

Think Like A Couple

You ideally want two of everything. Two pillows, two sinks, two nightstands. A cozy master bedroom retreat should work to help provide a serene retreat from your hectic days. Having everything in you need in your master bedroom for each person is indeed the only way to create a space that both partners can enjoy.

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